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Seacret - Minerals From The Dead Sea (Seacret Skincare)

Seacret is an International luxury skincare brand founded in 2005 and is partnered with the world's largest and most respected manufacturer in the skin care industry. At Healthy Energy, we are a proud provider of Seacret products in Surrey, BC.

Our Products Formulation:
• Perfect blend of science and nature
• Most advanced technologies in skincare
• Contains plant extracts, essential oils and Dead Sea minerals

The Dead Sea
• Located on the border of Jordan and Israel
• The lowest point on earth - 1388 below sea level
• Has it's won micro-climate that offers condition that are just right to product 26 essential minerals, 12 of those minerals cannot be found in combination anywhere else in the world
• Over 33% salt content
• Visited by ancient royalty like Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba
• Known for its therapeutic properties for people with skin conditions.

These Minerals have been said to help:
• Ease the body into a state of relaxation
• Nourish the Skin
• Activate our blood systems
• Reduce stress
• Revitalize the appearance of dry, cracked skin
• Relieve aching muscles

World Class Products

We have harnessed the power of the Dead Sea to create an unmatched line of products. Delivering radiance and vitality from head to toe, outside in and inside out.

At Healthy Energy, we have products for:
• Body, Hair, and Nails
• Skin Care
• Anti-Aging
• Specialty Treatments
• Mud Treatments and Products
• Men's Health
• Optimal Nutrition

Our Age-Defying Collection contains our Recover formula, a patented, anti-aging technology that has been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while providing long-term results.

How can Seacret be a part of your life? You can experience Seacret as customer, you can share your experience with our ambassador program and get rewarded with free products, or you can join my team and become an agent, starting your own side hustle business.

Call today to experience Seacret and see how it can be part of your life!

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